From the Vault: Two-Face Costume

So, this is the first post in the “From the Vault” series, basically, older projects and other things I worked on that while not being the latest projects they’re no less fun and cool. With that said…

A few months back I get a text from my friend, Graydon, asking me if I could do some Two-Face make-up for him for an event that he was going to the following weekend. He linked me to a video with some home-made but pretty effective make-up effecting the Dark Knight, Aaron Eckhart, burn victim look. Originally we were going to try for something like that but realizing that his schedule for that day did not allow for something that elaborate we ended up settling for a much simpler grease paint make-up job.

As for the costume, knowing that we would not have the time to deal with trying to get an actual split suit made for him,  I sent Graydon off to a thrift store to get a suit that fit him that I could distress and make it look like it had suffered some chemical burn accident in keeping with the Dark Knight inspired look.

I used a combination of effects on the suit, shirt and tie,  from coffee/tea dying, tearing and shredding the fabric, “controlled” burning with lighter fuel, and finally some hot wax for texture.

Check out the finished results

He came over the morning of the event for me to apply the make-up and costume and do his hair. Appropriately, I put on a couple episodes of Batman: The Animated Series featuring Two-Face for him to enjoy and to help get “in character”.

The end result, with make-up and hair, was pretty fun and I gather the costume was well received at the event he wore this to. And what little bit of Graydon, in character, I got before he left was absolutely brilliant!


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