David Milano, a Los Angeles based freelance artist with a penchant for the macabre, has been drawing since before he can remember- always with an inclination to conjuring fantasy into reality. Over the years this obsession has manifested itself in many diverse disciplines including: illustration, sculpture, photography, writing, theater and film, and costuming/prop building.

His hobbies include chainsaws, fine cocktails and shrinking heads, not necessarily in that order.



2011 H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival –  Illustrator, poster art

Farewell, My Sanity (book) – Illustrator

The Four Man Plan (book) – Illustrator

Van Von Hunter (Film, 2010) – “Ogre”

Wisperer in Darkness (Film, 2011) – Background Player

What others are saying:

“You are a god that deserves steaming blood sacrifices.” – Aaron Vanek